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By requesting a rental time, you are subject to availability and not guaranteed a Segway until we send a confirmation to you.

Why Rent A Segway in San Francisco?

Experience the exhilaration of true luxury transport with your family and friends around the San Francisco CA area! Our knowledgeable staff will train you on everything you need to know to ensure your safety and optimal enjoyment. Check out our competitive hourly, daily, and weekly rates and rent a Segway PT today!

Requirements to rent a Segway:

  • Valid Driver’s License (one per group ok)
  • Signed Rental Agreement/Waiver

What others say about us

“I asked myself before writing this review:  does this place need another five-star review?  The answer is DUH!

The staff is friendly and helpful, if you’ve never done it they have a short instructional period where they help you get the feel for being on one of these crazy fun things, they aren’t pushy at all–it was just an overall good experience dealing with these guys, and so much better than trying a tour.  Not that I wouldn’t want a tour at some point for the fun of learning more about the city or the park, but this was just so much fun (and for the same price), I’m not sure I’ll get around to that.”

Kudos to you, Segway SF Bay!

- Kristin

“We had a company outing and rented 15 segways.  We had some basic training inside and then outside.  Having someone to teach us definitely helped everyone feel safe.  They had gloves, ponchos and helmets.

We spent 2 1/2 hours riding around.  I will definitely come back.”

- Tony

“If you are looking for a great and fun way to tour the city of San Francisco than look no further than Segway SF Bay.  Charlie and his team are so welcoming and will make sure you have a fantastic experience.  You shouldn’t worry if this is your first time on a Segway.  They will make sure you learn all you need to know to have an amazing day!  I took my family visiting from Colorado and was able to give them a great tour of Land’s End, GG Park and all parts in between.  Thanks again Charlie!”

- Ed

“This was the absolute most fun thing to do while in San Francisco. We took these things down to China was rather far but it got us there and back. So easy to ride once you get the hang of it. No tour guides. Just get on and go. Loved this.”

- Lori

“Charlie and his staff are TOPS.  The most patient folks I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  Our gang ranged from a 12 year old to a “senior” who speaks English as a second language.  They got us all up and running on seqways and made our trip to San Francisco simply the best part of our vacation!  Highly recommended!”

- Chris